Bicycle Parking - Rack Recommendations

Bike parking is essential for promoting alternative transportation and prevents ad-hoc parking that might block pedestrians and wheelchairs.  We promote adding more bike parking in the area, and we have experience helping business owners in the process.  We also have references for installers.  If you have any questions, contact us!

Both short- and long-term bike parking are important.  For retail businesses, short-term bike parking will bring in the customers, and racks should be close to the main entrances.  For other cyclists like employees and residents, long-term bike parking can be further away but out of the elements (covered or lockers).

In all situations, bike racks should be secure and with a hardened surface (not in dirt or grass).  Inverted U or PeakRack campus racks have been the best choices for us. 


PeakRacks are incredibly functional and provide for maximum number of bikes in a small space. Follow the spacing directions closely!

Dero Racks

Dero has many different bike rack options, including custom and artistic racks. They also sell bike shelters.